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I have been teaching music for 18 years.  During that time I have discovered that each student has their own interests and reasons for learning a musical instrument.  My interest lies in supporting music learning by creating practice methods that are holistic, and appropriate for busy timetables. My aim is to support students reach their goals and attain high standards of playing. 
I believe that private music lessons allow students to learn at their own pace, as well as provide the freedom to explore personal interests.  Lessons are held in an encouraging and supportive environment with the aim of assisting students to develop their potential whilst enjoying themselves.
Previous students have gone on to university and TAFE studies, as well as performance work - often writing and producing their own CDs.
My own studies (in short) have focused on the relationship of music in film/narrative.  How music composition can enhance a film/story.  I explored the model of myth and mythic structure and function when applied to media.
I welcome your enquiries.
Jaci Anderson
Master of Arts
Bachelor of Arts (music)

Testimonial   "J  olly
                     A great teacher
                     C oncentrated
                     I  learn a lot from her"
(Lily 11yrs)
Testimonial  "As a composer it was vital for me to find a piano teacher who felt genuinely passionate about music, Jaci is just that sort of teacher. Jaci has the rare talent of knowing exactly how far to push her students so that they remain enthusiastic without ever feeling overwhelmed."
(Dan Greenwood, Composer/Recording Artist)
Testimonial  "My 12 year old daughter and 10 year old son had been learning piano elsewhere from the ages of 8 years old.  They started with Jaci in 2009 and the difference in their level of improvement and understanding of the piano and simple piano techniques has been profound.  Jaci's approach to learning has made an incredible difference to my childrens' appreciation of the instrument and eagerness to learn more.  I only wish we had started with Jaci from the beginning."
(Grace, parent)
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